Note: This game is a Early Access title

THE YEAR IS 2034. It’s been five years since the International Space Station was deorbited. Space programs the world over have faltered. Against all odds, an unprecedented “All Nations Space Coalition” is formed around a shared desire to rebuild mankind’s permanent presence in space, and rekindle the space race. Who will lead this mission? You!

STABLE ORBIT is a space station simulation game out now in Early Access on PC, macOS and Linux. Assume the role of station commander and build the next space station!


Stable Orbit is developed by Jim Offerman, Lead PC Programmer of Deus Ex: Humand Revolution and Tomb Raider, and published by Green Man Gaming.


Development Roadmap

Stable Orbit is an Early Access title, meaning that the game is still in active development. The roadmap below outlines what is available in the game now and which features are still planned for future updates. While the roadmap explains what we have in mind for the game, the reason for Stable Orbit to be in Early Access is that the ultimate course of the game may be changed in response to the feedback from you, the player.

Initial Modules RELEASED

These are the basic resource components of your space station! The Shuttle Dock will allow astronauts and supplies to be delivered to your station; Solar Array's will provide the station with power; while Radiators will prevent the station from overheating.

Construction RELEASED

Truss structures allow you to expand your station, and shape it to exactly how you want it to be constructed. We've seen some great screenshots from players so far, and we can't wait to see how crazy it'll get with future updates!

Resource Management RELEASED

Keeping everything in working order in space can be quite a challenge! Currently, you need to manage oxygen, power, heat, food and water as well as keeping everyone alive, and this will evolve as the game development progresses


The first Early Access update for Stable Orbit, expands upon resource management and introduces advanced storage management to increase difficulty. Additionally, the Electrolysis update changes the way your crew behaves - they'll work in shifts, and won't board the station if it's not safe to do so.

With this update, Supply pods no longer provide oxygen, and you'll now have to construct oxygen generator modules in order to refuel your station's air supply.


Update #2, Vector, introduces new intricately detailed designs for all station modules, featuring elements based on real space technologies like grapple fixtures and the common berthing mechanism. Rendering has been optimized for Vector and the new modules have dynamic level of detail for increased performance. Vector also adds a new 'Node' module, which enables players to create pressurized connections between crew modules.


The third update, Perihelion, adds a new gameplay mechanic: laboratories no longer produce money directly, but instead produce 'Science'. Science points can subsequently be spent on the fulfilment of commercial research contracts, earning you money for the expansion and upkeep of your station, or in the research tree to unlock new module types.

Waste becomes another problem for you to manage. Build up of waste will affect living conditions and the health of your crew. However, recycling of waste allows you to reclaim valuable resources.

Orbital Management COMING SOON

This update will require you to strategically place - and fire - thruster modules in order to maintain a stable orbit of your station. For more casual players, an automatic mode is planned that will only require you to place thrusters to keep the station in orbit. However, if you want to increase the difficulty, you can turn this off and try to maintain orbit manually!

You'll also be able to choose the orbital path of your station. For maximum realism, you will want to stick with a path similar to the ISS, but wouldn't it also be cool to fly over where you live?

Disasters & Events COMING SOON

A lot of things can go wrong in space. Meteor strikes, airlock failures, electrical fires and much more. This update will introduce various disasters and other events to increase the challenge of keeping a station in orbit!

Advanced Truss Structures COMING SOON

Advanced truss structures will enable you to build curved and circular station structures. Additionally, this update will introduce gimbal modules that enable parts of the station to spin and generate artificial gravity for your crew.

Pressurized Mechanics COMING SOON

With this system, crew members will no longer be able to travel freely between pressurized modules (Quarters, labs, etc) that aren't connected to each other. You will still be able to construct unconnected 'islands' of pressurized modules, but will need to add airlocks or other transport options in order for crew to be able to travel from one set of modules to the next.

Dynamic Weather System COMING SOON

A simple cloud texture will not do! This update will add an evolving weather system with dynamic clouds. However, it won't just be a pretty effect - if there's a storm on earth, that'll stop supply pods from getting to your station!

Sandbox Mode COMING SOON

Sometimes you don't want to follow the rules, worry about the crew, and just want to create the mother of all space stations. For those occasions, there'll be a sandbox mode where you can build whatever you want.

System Requirements

Steam Codalyn Green Man Gaming Publishing Creative Industries Fund NL